Flex work win for UCB Teamsters!

Huge win for remote workers at UC Berkeley!

Thanks to the power of Local 2010 members and union solidarity, Teamsters at UCB will now benefit from a Flexible Work Agreement (FWA) that puts workers first!

When UC Berkeley introduced their new flex work policy this summer, we were upset. UCB’s policy was disrespectful to workers, including minimal notice for any modification of termination of a member’s flex work agreement plus the threat of paycheck deductions for unreturned equipment. We needed more security in our work arrangements and more respect from our management!

Local 2010 spent months in negotiations with UCB, organizing our members to make sure the University knew how unacceptable their proposal was. Members attended meetings, gave testimony, and sent dozens of emails to two UCB Vice Chancellors as part of a coordinated email campaign. And thanks to Teamster power, we reached an agreement without giving up on a single one of our demands!

Teamsters at UCB must now be given 30 day’s notice before changes are made to a FWA, and even in the most urgent cases the notice period may not be reduced to less than 10 business days. The threat of paycheck deductions can’t be used to try and retrieve equipment, plus the Union will get a say in how managers are trained on the new FWA program!

This is a big win for remote workers at UCB and an important precedent to maintain as the pandemic continues to change how we work. Thank you to all the Berkeley Teamsters who stood together and showed UC administrators our power!