Teamsters Show Support During First Day of CX Bargaining!

Teamsters Show Support During First Day of CX Bargaining!

Our Teamsters CX Bargaining Team met with UC management for negotiations on our next Union contract Nov. 5 at our Oakland office. Our team detailed in a presentation how the UC is in a strong financial position going forward and is well able to pay Teamsters members fairly for our essential work!

We also provided data on our central issues around fair compensation, adequate staffing, and fair treatment. See the full presentation here.

On the same day, CX members throughout the state showed our solidarity by wearing stickers and displaying table tents. This simple action sent a powerful message to UC management about the power we as Teamsters have at every UC location!

Thank you to everyone who took part in this first contract action! We ask all members to continue showing our unity in winning the fair pay and respect on-the-job we deserve.

If you haven’t already signed our petition supporting our AO2 Bargaining Team, who are bargaining for a fair contract right now, show your support by clicking below!

After our economic presentation, our team gave the UC seven proposed articles for modification in this first session, a strong start to CX bargaining. UC passed proposals on two articles.

We also proposed bargaining dates for the next few months. Our CX team started these negotiations with strong support, so continue checking your email and our social media accounts for further updates and actions as we move forward together!

Across the state, Teamsters in the CX unit are standing up for a fair Contract and letting UC know we are prepared to do whatever it takes to win essential pay for our essential work!