UCSD Teamsters K6 Unit Bargaining Update

January 1, 2022 Bargaining Update


Greetings Teamsters,

Teamsters 2010 Skilled Trades started bargaining with UCSD management on August 20, 2021. To date, there have been 11 bargaining sessions. These bargaining sessions have focused mostly on updating current contract language and improving working conditions, with a few proposals that contain economic improvements for Skilled Trades.

The current K6-Unit contract has a total of 46 articles, and our Teamsters Bargaining Team has tentatively agreed to 20 articles so far.


Contract Articles to Retain As-Is

According to bargaining surveys completed by members in June 2021, the following 11 articles did not need language changes or updates and have been tentatively agreed to by both our Union and the UC.

  • Article 4 – Management Rights
  • Article 19 – Unit Work
  • Article 23 – Health and Safety
  • Article 24 – Joint Health and Safety Committee
  • Article 25 – Protective Clothing
  • Article 26 – Uniforms
  • Article 28 – Mileage Reimbursement
  • Article 33 – Labor-Management Relations
  • Article 36 – Personal Files
  • Article 39 – Death Payments
  • Article 44 – Severability


Tentative Agreements

The following nine TAs contain updates that were negotiated by our Teamsters Bargaining Team after careful review of member surveys. These have been agreed to by our team and management, but the entire contract will still have to be ratified by members for them to come into effect.

  • Article 2 – Out of Classification Assignment / Classification Review
    • Contract improvements: In the past, input concerning a re-classification request could only be discussed at the quarterly labor / management meetings. After contract ratification by the membership, our Union could call a meeting at any time to discuss re-classification requests.
  • Article 5 – Non-discrimination in Employment
    • Contract improvements: New non-discrimination laws were added to the article for added member protection. Language added to improve union’s ability to file discrimination and/or sexual harassment grievances against the university.
  • Article 7 – Positions and Appointments
    • Contract improvements: Language change from three (3) months to ninety (90) calendar days.
  • Article 14 – Vacation
    • Contract improvements: For Occasional unscheduled/Unplanned vacation days, additional language was added “If the request is made fifteen (15) calendar days or more in advance, the University has ten (10) calendar days to approve or deny the request”.
  • Article 15 – Military Leave
    • Contract improvements: “Civil Air Patrol Leave” was added to military leave article.
  • Article 30 – Work Incurred Injury or Illness
    • Contract improvements: Removed outdated contract date marker from July 1, 1997.
  • Article 31 – Reasonable Accommodations/Rehabilitation
    • Contract improvements: Language clarification. The University will provide reasonable accommodations for employees with a disability or become disabled.
  • Article 37 – Training and Development
    • Contract improvements: Union steward trainings are now included in the training and development article. Skilled Trades workers would be eligible for up to 40 hours of approved training and development hours per year.
  • Article NEW – Respectful, Fair Treatment
    • Contract improvements: Gives the union the ability to file a grievance against management for persistent bullying and significant disruptive behavior.


Outstanding Management Proposals

Our Bargaining Team received management’s proposals on the following 11 articles. Our team is reviewing and considering counterproposals. Management is waiting for our Bargaining Team’s responses.

  • Article 6 – Probationary Period
  • Article 11 – Promotions/Transfers
  • Article 13 – Sick Leave
  • Article 16 – Leaves of Absences
  • Article 18 – Layoff and Reduction in Time
  • Article 29 – Medical Separation
  • Article 34 – Union Access and Rights
  • Article 35 – Dues Deductions
  • Article 38 – Strike/No Lockout
  • Article 42 – Apprenticeship Program / Apprenticeship Program Addendum


Outstanding Union Proposals

Improvements to the 14 articles below were proposed by our Bargaining Team to management and our Bargaining Team is waiting for management’s response.

  • Article 1 – Recognition
  • Article 8 – Hours of Work
  • Article 9 – Overtime
  • Article 10 – Performance Evaluations
  • Article 12 – Holidays
  • Article 17 – Discipline and Dismissal
  • Article 20 – Subcontracting
  • Article 21 – Grievance Procedure
  • Article 22 – Arbitration Procedure
  • Article 27 – Parking
  • Article 32 – Union Stewards
  • Article 40 – Insurance and Retirement Benefits
  • Article 41 – Shift Differential
  • Article 45 – Wavier


New Contract Article Proposal

Our Teamsters team has also proposed a new article to management:

  • Article? – Employee Paycheck Errors
    • Contract improvements: This proposed article addresses paycheck underpayments, overpayments and garnishments.


Still To Come

These following articles have not been passed between our Union and management at this time. Two of the Articles are of great importance to members, Article 43 – Wages and Pay Differential (Pay raises) and Article 46 – Duration (How many years the new contract will be in effect). These articles will be proposed to management soon by our Bargaining Team.

  • Article 3 – Definitions
  • Article 43 – Wages and Pay Differential
  • Article 46 – Duration


In Solidarity,

UCSD K6 Teamsters Bargaining Team

Bargaining Team Members

Michael Sherritt, Union Representative    msherritt@teamsters2010.org

Eduardo Rosales, Team Leader                 erosales@ucsd.edu

Lee Fernandez, Team Leader                     l1fernandes@ucsd.edu

Herman Ricks, Team Member                   hricks@ucsd.edu

Generoso Ventura, Team Member            gventura@ucsd.edu

Greg Montoya, Team Member                   gmontoya@ucsd.edu

Tom Insel, Team Member                           tinsel@ucsd.edu