UC Irvine K9 Bargaining Unit Update – January 10, 2022

Bargaining Unit Update for UCI K9

January 10, 2022


Teamsters is still negotiating around issues relating to Covid, the booster as well as EPSL time.  Employees are allowed up to four hours to get the vaccine.  Talk with your manager to confirm.   Teamsters has proposed that employees be granted 80 hours of EPSL each year.  With the Omicron spread, Covid/increasing EPSL hours, etc. is a widespread issue of concern.   Questions/Concerns – Talk with bargaining team member Eric Kuder, Lock Shop.  He can be reached at 562 397 8528.


If you still have EPSL time on the books, you may use the time until June 30, 2022.  This is called Extended EPSL.  Employees hired after September 2022, are not entitled to EPSL time.


If you are quarantined because of a workplace exposure to Covid but are ready and able to go to work, your quarantine time is either covered by the OSHA temporary standard or for Medical Center employees, by the Aerosol Transmissible Standard.  These standards apply to all employees regardless of hire date.  Employees may be required to use EPSL if they have time on the books.  If not, employees who are quarantined but test negative and are ready and able to work, would receive admin time off.

If you catch Covid because of a workplace exposure, it may be considered a workplace injury.  Access the Workers’ Compensation claim form here.

Recognition Bonus

The University is working with UC Path to address the issues with the recognition bonus.   When dealing with UC Path, patience is required.  Teamsters will keep you informed about what’s happening.

Back Pay

UCI is attempting to pay out back pay on or around January 19.   Teamsters will keep you updated as needed.


The University just updated their boot policy.  Prior to purchasing footwear, and insoles, employees should check in with their supervisor to confirm they are in compliance with their union agreement and to verify their planned footwear will comply with ASTM standards.  Once you have purchased your boots, give a copy of the receipt to your supervisor and keep a copy for your records.   Questions – Talk with Brian Maloney, Campus or Steve Huerta, UCI Med Center.

UCI Med Center

On Call – UCI Med Center has said that on call owed will be paid out on January 19. 

If you have questions or concerns, contact a bargaining team member:

Brian Maloney, Chief Steward

Eric Kuder

Gabriel Zamora

Martin Hernandez

Steve Huerta, UCI Med Center