Teamsters fight for COVID leave and members’ rights at CSU!

Teamsters 2010 Demand CSU Leadership Expand Critical COVID Protections!

Teamsters Local 2010 and a coalition of CSU Unions submitted a letter to Chancellor Castro and the Board of Trustees on Jan. 12, demanding the CSU act fast to protect workers from COVID-19.

In the face of the highest case counts of the pandemic so far, the CSU must provide additional COVID-19 leave to workers, extend leave programs through at least the end of 2022, and restore sick, vacation, PTO or any other benefit time retroactive to January 1, 2021 and instead use COVID-19-related paid sick leave.

Teamsters 2010 submitted the letter together with APC; CFA; CSUEU, CSEA SEIU Local 2579; UAPD; and UAW 4123. CSU’s COVID leave programs have been critical to protecting workers and their families, and with case counts continuing to rise across the state, it’s essential that these programs are maintained so that workers are not forced to come to work infected or sick.

“Teamster members are working on the front lines through the current surge in the pandemic keeping CSU running. The CSU must protect workers by extending COVID leave for those who need it.”

ULP Charge Filed against San Diego State!

Teamsters 2010 filed an Unfair Labor Practice charge against San Diego State University after SDSU Police refused to allow our members to carry signs attached to wooden sticks during a scheduled picket! Secretary-Treasurer Jason Rabinowitz, who joined our members for the day’s action, tried to tell SDSU Police that the University’s policy against picketing was a clear violation of Union members’ right to lawful picketing activity, but to no avail. SDSU Police forced our members to remove the wooden sticks from their signs.

This is an obvious restriction of our rights as Union members by San Diego State, and Local 2010 has filed this Unfair Labor Practice charge with state authorities to make sure that SDSU’s unlawful policy is changed!