CX Bargaining Update – Feb. 2 and 3, 2022

CX Bargaining Team Update—Fighting for Our Rights!

Our CX Bargaining Team just completed two productive days of bargaining with the UC in Oakland on Feb. 2 and Feb. 3 and successfully passed a whopping 12 articles!

We have an exciting win—the UC agreed that members will be able to remove performance evaluations from their personnel files after five years! Previously, you could not take any performance evaluations out of your file at any time. Now members will have more control over what’s in their file and what new supervisors or prospective hiring managers have access to!

Our amazing Local 2010 bargaining team is working very hard and doing great work. Our members are standing together as Teamsters, and gearing up to fight for a strong contract with the fair pay and benefits that we deserve!

Our Team also proposed that members be entitled to take a lunch break if working five (or more) hours, in accordance with state law. But the UC says that they are above the law, refusing to adhere to the same laws that apply to private employers.

We are pushing for the UC to pay for breaks and lunch time that you are forced to work through due to staffing shortages or ratios.

Bargaining Team member Valerie Lerma Thompson from UC Riverside shared her experiences as an early childcare teacher, having to come in early to prep and work through breaks without being paid for it. CX workers are more essential then ever and have proven so over the past couple years.

Bargaining Team member Valerie Lerma Thompson

Our Bargaining Team is also pushing hard for an agreement on contract language that would allow 10 days paid leave for bereavement, in line with what unrepresented staff receive. All workers should be allowed ample time to travel and/or to mourn a loved one. Five days is just not enough.

Teamsters team will meet again with the UC this week and will soon give our proposals on wages & step increases. We are ramping up our action campaign and asking all members to turn-out for our week of action in March. Please contact your Union Representative for more details.

When we stand together—we win together! Turn out for the week of action in March to show the University who RUNS UC!

Articles our Bargaining Team proposed on Feb. 2-3:

• Article 1: Access/Union Rights
• Article 10: Hours of Work
• Article 12: Labor-Management Meetings
• Article 19: Multiple Appointments
• Article 25: Payroll Deductions
• Article 27: Personnel Files
• Article 28: Positions/Appointments
• Article 29: Probationary Period
• Article 36: Sick Leave
• Article 39: Transfer/Promotion/Reclassification
• Article 40: Travel Reimbursement
• Article 44: Vacation

The University of California made proposals on:

• Their counter to Article 5: Corrective Action/Discipline and Dismissal
• Article 27: Personnel Files
• Their counter to Article 36: Sick Leave
• Article 32: Job Abandonment

Our Bargaining Team meets again with the UC Wednesday, Feb. 9 and Thursday, Feb. 10 in Bellflower. Join us in telling UC Leadership that we deserve essential pay for essential work by adding your voice to our petition!

In Solidarity,

Teamsters CX Bargaining Team

Jason Rabinowitz, Chief Negotiator

Melissa Munio, Second Chair

Catherine Cobb, President of Teamsters 2010

Alex Vermie, Research Analyst

Deborah Ann Reed, LBNL

Kirsten Willer, UCB / UCOP

Jenny Hodge, UCD / ANR

Dianna Sahhar, UCI

Stephanie Watts-Parrish, UCLA

Valerie Thompson, UCR / UCPath

Krystal Cortez, UCM

Marissa Johnston, UCSD

Jamal Colter, UCSF

Deateria Dickinson, UCSB

Paulette Carney, UCSC