Stand up to four UCs refusing fair pay for AO2s!

Send a Letter by 2/28 to Stand Up to UCs Refusing Fair Pay for Admin Officer 2 Workers!

Bargaining Update – Session #20

It’s time for UC to stop stalling and bargain for fair pay for the Administrative Officer 2s at every location. We salute the AO2s for their hard work through the pandemic, and for standing together as Teamsters for fairness. Teamsters will keep up the pressure until UC gives all AO2s the fair treatment we deserve!

Our team has been bargaining and taking action with members across the state for the past year with tentative agreements reached on pay ranges and step placement for San Francisco, Merced, Santa Cruz, Santa Barbara, Davis, Riverside/UC Path, and the Office of the President. Complete range and step placement data will be shared with all locations once we reach a final tentative agreement with the UC including any additional step increases or lump sum bonuses specific to AO2 bargaining.

We have yet to reach agreement with the remaining locations of Berkeley, San Diego, Irvine, and Los Angeles. These four locations have not improved their pay range proposals since Session 13 in August of last year and continue to suggest extraordinary step structures with low pay range minimums and maximums. Their proposals even go against their own market survey data and pay methodologies for competitive pay.

These locations should not be allowed to bog down the entire bargaining process and we need to send a message to these holdouts to pay all AO2 workers the essential pay they deserve!

Take action by writing to UC decision-makers at the four holdout campuses and tell them to stop bogging down the AO2 bargaining process—propose fair pay ranges during negotiations on Feb. 28!

Please go to ahead of Feb. 28 to send a pre-written or custom letter to administrators at UC Berkeley, UC San Diego, UC Los Angeles, and UC Irvine. Let’s bombard them with our letters on the day of negotiations to make an impact and show them we’re serious!

When we stand together, we win together. After this next bargaining session with the UC Feb. 28, we hope to have a total package to bring to a vote of the members. So be sure to tell the remaining locations that AO2s are essential and deserve fair pay by Feb. 28!