AGREEMENT RATIFIED: AO2 Teamsters ratify first agreement with huge wins!

Admin Officer 2 Teamsters Ratify New Wages, Pay Scale!

Our AO2 Bargaining Team!

Admin Officer 2 Teamsters at the University of California have won a powerful first wage agreement, including guaranteed across-the-board wage increases, new pay ranges and pay steps for each work location, an additional step increase, and a significant ratification bonus! 99.5% of Teamsters who voted said YES to ratify the agreement, guaranteeing better wages and treatment from the University!

With the new agreement ratified, AO2s will now join over 13,700 UC Teamsters as we bargain for a CX Unit agreement to succeed the agreement expiring on March 31, 2022.

I’m proud of our new sisters and brothers in the Administrative Officer 2 title who are standing together as Teamsters to win guaranteed raises and rights at work for the first time in their history! Now let’s keep fighting for a fair contract for all Teamsters at UC!

Benefits of the new agreement include:

  • 3% across-the-board pay increase received July 1, 2021
  • New Union-negotiated pay ranges including pay steps for each location, effective January 1, 2022.
  • Workers will be placed at the step closest to, but not less than, their current pay.
  • All AO2s will receive an additional 1-step increase (approximately 2.25%), effective January 1, 2022.
  • $800 lump sum payment within sixty (60) days of ratification

The bargaining process has showed me that the UC system is grossly underpaying employees and Teamsters is here to push for fair wages! I am happy we pushed through during the pandemic and continued to negotiate fair wages for the AO2s that are working to support their families!

We could not have won this agreement without every Teamsters member who signed a petition, wrote a letter, wore a sticker, put up a tent table, handed out leaflets and showed up for fair pay and dignity in the workplace. Especially during a global pandemic, AO2s and allies stepped up like never before!

Our March Weeks of Action start soon, and we’re going to show the UC and CSU we’ll do whatever it takes to get fair contracts. Sign up for an event at your campus now using the link below!