Clerical & Allied Services Bargaining Update—Fighting for Our Rights!

The CX Unit Bargaining Team has been busy at work meeting 14 times over the past two months, alternating meetings with UC between our Teamsters offices in Bellflower and Oakland. Our current contract was set to expire on March 31 and our Union and UC mutually agreed to extend the contract through June 30, 2022, as we continue to move toward a new agreement.

We have Tentative Agreements (TAs) on eight articles so far, adding the following improvements:

  • A Juneteenth holiday
  • 7 days of bereavement leave, up from 5 days
  • 5 days’ notice from UC, instead of 7 days, in Corrective Action & Discipline — Article 5
  • Per diem time may be credited toward probationary time
  • Paid release time for one additional Union member to attend labor management meetings
  • Increased notice to our Union when employees separate from employment

CX Bargaining Team members spoke at the UC Board of Regents meeting in San Francisco on March 15, making impassioned pleas for bilingual pay, additional pay steps for library assistants, adequate telecommute policies and bonus pay for early childhood education teachers. Watch the public comments here:

Our hardworking rank-and-file Bargaining Team is making steady progress, winning language improvements to protect our rights at work. Soon we will get to economics and our members are ready to do whatever it takes to win the fair raises and benefits we deserve!

Our Teamsters Bargaining Team also proposed improved language for Respectful, Fair Treatment — Article 33, including microaggressions and micromanagement as types of behaviors demonstrated by managers that lead to intolerable work environments, and requested to update the training on Workplace Bullying / Abusive Conduct, our landmark Bill AB 2053, signed by Governor Brown in 2014.

Our Union has also made proposals demanding improved shift differential and bilingual pay, as well as mileage reimbursement when reporting to more than one worksite for float pool workers. We have also proposed to freeze all parking rate increases for the life of the contract.

We are asking all members to stay active and engaged during this time. Stay informed and involved and sign our essential workers petition telling the UC that our pay must improve significantly to allow workers to keep up with the rate of cost of living.

Support our CX Bargaining Team by signing our petition today!

In Solidarity,
Teamsters CX Bargaining Team

Jason Rabinowitz, Chief Negotiator
Melissa Munio, Second Chair
Catherine Cobb, President of Teamsters 2010
Alex Vermie, Research Analyst
Deborah Ann Reed, LBNL
Kirsten Willer, UCB / UCOP
Jenny Hodge, UCD / ANR
Dianna Sahhar, UCI
Stephanie Watts-Parrish, UCLA
Valerie Thompson, UCR / UCPath
Krystal Cortez, UCM
Marissa Johnston, UCSD
Jamal Colter, UCSF
Deateria Dickinson, UCSB
Paulette Carney, UCSC