State labor board says: No Union Busting at UC!

State Rules for Teamsters, Finds UC Guilty of Union-Busting

The California Public Employment Relations Board (PERB) ruled in favor of Teamsters Local 2010, finding that the University of California violated labor law by posting misleading Union-busting material on its website.

Teamsters 2010 filed an Unfair Labor Practice charge in February 2019, alleging that the University violated the prohibition on deterring or discouraging union membership by listing incorrect and misleading information on represented and unrepresented workers’ yearly salary increases. The UC posting was in response to a flyer that Teamsters had distributed as part of the Administrative Professionals organizing campaign and included a column of percentages of supposed raises for unrepresented workers raises and Teamsters-represented raises.

UC workers are joining the Teamsters Union by the thousands, winning improved pay and rights at work as a result. We won’t be fooled or deterred by UC’s lies, and Teamsters will continue to fight UC’s illegal Union-busting activity legally and legislatively.

Teamsters testified in the PERB hearing that the UC’s posting compared raises for Teamsters-represented and unrepresented workers but “includes multiple years where Teamsters Local 2010 was not the representative for the. . . the unionized clerical staff.” The UC also included merit raises where they said merit raises were not included, and then only added merit raises in the tally for unrepresented workers but not merit raises for which Teamsters are eligible in the Teamsters total.

PERB ordered the UC to cease and desist “Deterring or discouraging employees from, becoming or remaining members of, authorizing representation by, or authorizing dues or fee deductions to Teamsters.” Notices were also required to be posted and emailed to all CX Unit workers about the PERB decision.