CSU Still Bargaining in Bad Faith: Send Your Letter Now!

Take Action on CSU’s Bad Faith Bargaining!

After weeks of stalling and delays, CSU finally returned to the table on April 14 to bargain with our Unit 6 Bargaining Team—and passed the SAME PROPOSAL they passed THREE MONTHS AGO, with no raise for workers in 2020-2021, and only 4% in 2021-2022!

CSU negotiators again claimed that they lack the authority from Acting Chancellor Relyea to put additional money on the table. Though CSU did not say this was their final offer, it’s a clear insult to every worker in Unit 6!

This is clear bad faith bargaining from the CSU, and our Union immediately moved to file yet another unfair labor practice (ULP) charge against the CSU with the state Public Employment Relations Board (PERB). It’s absolutely unacceptable for Acting Chancellor Relyea and CSU leadership to continue doing nothing as workers face the highest spike in gas prices and other costs of living in more than 40 years.

"Teamsters are fed up with CSU’s disgraceful mistreatment of the workers who have kept the University running through the pandemic. Our members have worked without a raise for nearly three years, while cost of living is through the roof. Teamsters demand that CSU start bargaining in good faith and agree to the fair raises we deserve!"

Our Bargaining Team made it clear to the CSU that maintaining their prior proposal of 0% in 2020/21 and 4% in 2021/22 is insulting to our members and the sacrifices we made throughout the pandemic. Our union will not stand for this. Join our Bargaining Team in telling CSU that it’s past time for fair raises for essential heroes by signing a letter to CSU leadership now!

Make sure to turn out for actions coming up on your campus, too. CSU Teamsters continue to rally across the state and we’re planning a major action for the CSU Trustees meeting on May 24!

Contact your Union Rep to find out when our next campus action is and, if you’re able, to sign up for public comment via Zoom for the May 24 Trustees meeting. The CSU needs to hear our united voice calling for an end to the delays—we need good faith bargaining and fair raises for our work!