Tell Gov. Newsom: Fund CSU Salaries!

CSU Labor Coalition Urges State Leaders to Fund Salary Steps for Teamsters, Support Staff

We need all hands on deck by Unit 6 Teamsters to push the Governor and state legislators to fund the CSU Salary Study recommendations, including the salary steps we have fought to bring back for decades.

Last year, California State University Employees Union and Teamsters Local 2010 (and other labor allies) partnered with the CSU to successfully lobby state leaders to authorize and fund a comprehensive salary study of non-faculty staff. The study is now complete and its findings clear:

  • Wages are stagnant
  • New hire salaries match that of senior staff
  • Staff salaries are on average 12% behind the market rate

The study, due to the Legislature by April 30, recommends a nine-step salary system to help support wage growth and a living wage for non-faculty staff.

Labor coalition leaders, representing almost every CSU employee covered by a union, have jointly signed a letter urging California’s top elected leaders to include in the 2022-23 state budget funding to improve the salary structure for non-faculty University staff.

“Your collective leadership has led us to this seminal moment where funding this request will help right a nearly three-decades-old wrong where the salary structure for non-faculty staff at the CSU was altered and created significant challenges for our members across the various bargaining units,” reads the letter.

“We collectively need the support of the Legislature and Administration through an additional budget augmentation for the California State University System of $288 million specifically for this purpose.”

What's Next?

The collaboration among all CSU stakeholders committed to the salary study was unprecedented. And so will be the on-the-ground mobilization to get us to the finish line.

We need to be relentless in sharing our CSU worker stories with legislators to drive home our message: Fund the Salary Study, Fund Our Future!

Starting next week, we will circulate postcards for everyone to sign; they will be collected and hand-delivered to legislators on June 1. Parallel to the postcards will be emails everyone will be encouraged to send to legislators in their districts; links to the web form with pre-written email messages, which can be personalized, will be provided soon.

Salary Study Implementation

Both CSU and the unions agree that the salary study should be implemented as written and that they will negotiate annual salary increases through the regular bargaining process. You may read today’s letter from CSU Interim Chancellor Jolene Koester to Gov. Gavin Newsom by clicking here.

In addition to pushing for funding for the salary study’s recommendations, our union will negotiate with the CSU for annual raises going forward and continue bargaining retroactive raises for the two years our members went without a raise.

How Can I Help?

Get a postcard from your Union Steward or Representative, fill it out and return it by May 20. We need all CSU Skilled Trades voices to be heard!