We’re speaking out! 🗣 Fair Pay for Bilingual Services!

Show us the money, then we'll talk!

Every day, a small but committed group of UC Teamsters use their bilingual skills on the job, assisting students, patients, and others in the UC community. When our Bargaining Team proposed nominal pay for these workers, the UC flatly refused.

Today, May 3, we’re stickering up for fair pay for bilingual workers! Get your “We’re Speaking Out!” sticker from your Union Rep or Steward and support the bilingual workers who the UC depends on!

Teamsters at the UC should also stop volunteering your translation services today, so long as those services are not part of your regularly assigned duties.

No free labor from bilingual Teamsters on May 3! Refer students, patients, and others to UC’s translation services, and speak out for fair pay!