Our Union is growing! Library Pros 3 and 4 join CX Unit!

Library Professionals 3 and 4 join our Union!

Welcome and congratulations to the newest members of Teamsters Local 2010, Library Professionals 3 and 4 at the University of California! 🎉🎉 Nearly one hundred LP 3 and 4 workers across the UC system are now represented Teamsters with collective bargaining rights and the power of our Union behind them.

LP3 and 4s joined the Union through the accretion process, which began in April 2021 when Teamsters 2010 submitted evidence to the California Public Employee Relations Board (PERB) that LP3/4 workers shared common interests, benefits, and job duties with our existing CX Unit! After drawing out the process as long as they could, the UC ran out of ways to delay and PERB ruled on March 23 that Library Professionals are rightly members of the CX Unit

As an unrepresented Library Professional 4, I watched my Library Assistant 3 co-worker enjoy better wage increases than what I was given, thanks to his Teamsters contract. When he retired last year, he made more than I did. Prior to that, my supervisor tried to get me an equity increase since I was doing higher-level work than the LA3. His request was lost in Human Resources limbo. Now that I am a Teamster, I am happy knowing that I will be paid more with a good contract. In the next year or so, I will have a new supervisor. One thing I've learned over the years is that your immediate supervisor makes your job pleasant or makes it hell. I feel a lot more secure knowing that a Teamster steward will be there for me if I encounter problems with my new supervisor.

LP3 and 4s will now form their Bargaining Team and begin negotiating wages and step increases for their titles with the UC. New members will also immediately receive many of the benefits of our CX contract, including caps on health and parking rates, ancillary pay, protections against layoff and unfair discipline, increased sick and vacation leave rights, and more!

New members, check your email for information on how to become a Teamsters Local 2010 member in order to vote on your wages and salary steps!

Teamsters 2010 is proud to welcome library professionals 3 and 4 to our Union. Together with you, we are all stronger. We look forward to working together to bargain fair pay, benefits, and rights at work for all!