Teamsters Submit First Proposal for K3 Wages!

Our Teamsters Skilled Trades Bargaining Team: (left to right) Jason Rabinowitz, Timothy French, Doreen Dodds, Lewis Vincent, Ryan Burgess, Alex Vermie, and Robert Hale Sr.

Teamsters Local 2010 Secretary-Treasurer Jason Rabinowitz gave the University our Union’s first proposal on wages Thursday, June 23, which included compelling data that shows UC Davis Skilled Trades workers are underpaid compared to other Skilled Trades workers and other UC campuses.

Furthermore, the University has not kept up with inflation and the high cost of living in Yolo and Sacramento counties. The UC is in a strong economic position and should prioritize the wages of the Skilled Trades workers who keep the UC running and all of us safe.

As Rabinowitz reminded the University, “The cost of housing, gas, and food has skyrocketed and our members are looking for compensation that allows us to live, to thrive and recognizes our contribution. We are looking for a fair agreement that recognizes the contributions and skills we bring to the University.”

  • The wage proposal includes annual guaranteed wage increases to address the recent spike in inflation and growing gap between K3 Unit pay and comparable work in the area.
  • Pay differentials to recognize critical duties that are too often uncompensated.
  • Salary structures that address the lack of progression for too many K3 Unit members through the current 15-step structure. Our Union proposed that the 15-step structure be reduced to the top six steps and all Skilled Trades workers should be moved to at least the current Step 10.
“Our wage proposal tears down inadequate Skilled Crafts wages at Davis so that they can be replaced by new, appropriate wages for the knowledge and talents we bring as skilled crafts workers.”
Ryan Burgess
Bargaining Team member and H.V. Electrician

Our Teamsters Local 2010 Skilled Trades Bargaining Team members continue to work diligently on contract proposals that would improve working conditions for all of us. So far, our team has written and proposed 40 articles to the University since negotiations began. Our Union and the University have tentatively agreed to 22 articles.

In their typical fashion, the UC team is slow to respond to our proposals. These stalling tactics will not discourage our Bargaining Team from working together with the membership to win a fair contract and raises we deserve and have earned. The next bargaining sessions are scheduled for July 13, 14, 26, and 27. Our Teamsters Bargaining Team will continue to hold membership meetings to share our progress and get your feedback. Please support our team by signing up as a member, participating in July contract actions, and attending union meetings.