July 8 Bargaining Update

July 8 Bargaining Update

Last Friday, our Bargaining Team and UCLA met and continued to make movement on open articles. This list includes many of the economic articles – wages, insurance, pay differentials, and parking. 

Our Bargaining Team has reached a tentative agreement with UCLA on Licenses and Certifications, a new contract article. The University will now pay for required licenses and certifications and the associated training costs up to 32 hours. For some of us, this new contract language confirms in writing a UCLA practice but for others, it’s a “win” as UCLA has never before picked up the cost. This is money that will now stay in our pocket, starting from $100.  link   

Our Bargaining Team chiefly addressed economic proposals including Wages, Promotion and Transfers, Pay Differentials and Safety Shoes. 


Hero Pay – $7000

2022 – 9.5%

2023 – 7%

2024 – 6.5%

2025 – 6%

2025 – 5%

Safety Shoes

We have agreed to a yearly increase of $10 but have not agreed upon the yearly allotment. Our proposal is $250 and UCLA is proposing $230.

Pay Differentials

The University has agreed to increases for shift differential, created a weekend differential, and recognized additional hazards which were incorporated into the hazard pay differential. UCLA has not yet agreed to differentials for employees who work in traffic and/or with specific chemicals, for Plumbers who need specific licenses and certifications or those  who work in the hospital.  link

Promotions and Transfers

Our Union is holding firm on its proposal that when a position in the bargaining unit becomes available to be filled, the University shall first open recruitment to internal candidates, and hire an internal candidate if one is qualified and available. 

We all know employees whose skills and abilities merited a temporary promotion or worked out of classification. A Skilled Trade employee who has the credentials to work as a journeyman on the outside, is more than qualified to work as a journeyman at UCLA. UCLA should reach out with a helping hand and provide eligible employees with a step up. This proposal would allow UCLA employees to get the recognition they deserve.

We have also proposed that Facility workers, depending upon their length of service, get a pay differential per hour based on their length of service and a competent performance evaluation.    Facility workers, once they are trained, often perform tasks beyond the scope of their position.  This would be a way for entry-level Facility workers, to get recognition they deserve.   link

Training and Development, Article 10  

We are currently finalizing this language. As we have previously shared, employees shall be reimbursed up to $500 per fiscal year, on a non-rolling basis, for participation in educational or training programs. Employees will also be allowed to use up to 40 hours of paid time to attend classes.

If you have questions, talk with a bargaining team member.

Our Bargaining Team will meet with UCLA on Wednesday, July 13.

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