CX Unit Bargaining Update – Where’s that Wage Proposal?

Still No Wage Proposal from UC

The CX Bargaining Team continues to meet with the University to negotiate a successor agreement for the CX Unit, with the current agreement extended by mutual agreement through August 31, 2022. The University still owes us responses on many Articles, including wages.

The Bargaining Team submitted our wage proposal for 99% of CX workers in mid-May, with a follow-up supplement for a small number of job titles in June. After months of bargaining and two more bargaining sessions last week, the UC still has not replied with their proposal on wages.

This stalling is totally unacceptable and disrespects the 12,000 CX Teamsters who provide some of the UC’s most critical functions. Teamsters have been rallying across the state this month to tell the UC that we won’t rest without real wage increases and relief for dedicated workers—no more delays! The UC must submit a wage proposal now!

Members take action for Better Wages!

From Los Angeles to San Francisco members across the state continue to take action, sending a message to all Chancellors and medical center CEOs: Stop dragging your feet and give us an initial pay proposal! All members are urged to contact their Union Representative to help ramp up the pressure and make clear that essential pay is needed NOW for essential workers. We are willing to do whatever it takes to get the contract we deserve.

Teamsters have worked too hard during this pandemic to put up with UC's stalling and delays! We are in a cost-of-living crisis and the UC must bargain on wages now to make sure workers have the money we need to afford housing, food, and more.

Bargaining Team pushes for more for UC Teamsters

The bargaining team has reached tentative agreements on the following articles since our last update:

Article 26, Performance Evaluations—improved language that requires that evaluations be fair and objective
Article 33, Respectful Fair Treatment—maintains language to protect workers from abusive conduct including workplace bullying
Appendix F, Arbitration Panel—updated to include a more diverse list of hearing officers to select from for grievance and arbitration hearings

Equity Adjustments

The bargaining team also proposed equity adjustments for the Dispatcher, Library Assistant, and Blank Assistant series. Titles in all those series have fallen behind the market average for wages, with some titles also given very limited pay steps that have left many workers maxed out at the top step for more than 10 years. A comprehensive economic proposal was also proposed for all workers at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab.

Parking Pushback

The Union pushed back against the UC’s proposal of another $10/10% increase for Parking fees (Article 25). The UC can’t continue to increase employee out-of-pocket costs and further erode much needed worker take-home pay.

Hard NO on 70% PFCB

The Union also refused to accept UC’s proposal of 70% of full-time pay for Teamsters members who make use of Pay for Family Care and Bonding (PFCB). The UC has agreed to 100% pay for other University workers, including academics and nurses, and we won’t accept any less for our members.

More Pay for More Work

The team continues to press hard for additional pay or stipends for the performance of additional work, despite the UC’s insistence that this work falls under “other duties as assigned” in our job descriptions. Our team made clear that stipends are already provided in some locations, in line with current policy, and standardized language on stipends must be included in our contract to allow all workers to benefit.

Now is the time for all members to rally for better wages and a better CX contract! Together, we make it clear to the University that there is no UC without US.