UCD Skilled Trades Bargaining Update

We have made progress negotiating our first contract as Teamsters. We have reached Tentative Agreements on 22 contract articles, including Performance Evaluations, Dismissals, Bargaining Unit work, Respect/Fair treatment and Contracting Out.

On June 23, our Bargaining Team submitted our Union wage proposal. We proposed that the 15-step structure be reduced to the top six steps and all Skilled Trades workers should be moved to at least the current Step 10.

Our Union team has proposed 7% raises for all Skilled Trades workers across-the-board for each year of the 4-year contract. Management has not countered on the wage proposal.

We meet again with management on August 24. If you would like to have input in this contract, become a member by contacting a Bargaining Team member or Union Rep Jose Fuentes or Union Rep Dale Crane.