UC a No-Show to First Library Pros Bargaining Session

Bargaining Update: UC, where were you?

If we could choose a single word to describe the events of our first bargaining session, it would be “disrespectful.” Thursday, August 18 was supposed to be the first day of negotiating our Library Professional 3 and 4 Union wage scale and raises with the University of California. However, they never showed—they ghosted us.

There are still two pieces of information worth sharing.

  1. As we continue to analyze Library Professional wages statewide, 91% of those in our job classifications working for UC are currently making below the median wage on UC’s pay scale.
  2. It would take an average salary increase of 11% to bring our job classification in accordance with what we believe are fair wages for our experience.

During our second bargaining session, we presented our first proposal for pay ranges and pay steps, work schedule preferences, PTO leave conversions, bilingual pay, shift differential, and on-call pay. The UC asked for a late start, gave a meager proposal that did not include wages, then asked to end the session. Bargaining Team member Joseph Meyer addressed the UC’s lack of preparation and waste of Bargaining Team time by making Team members travel for a session that only lasted 30 minutes.

Please join us for a Town Hall at Noon on Monday, September 19, where we’ll update members on our recent bargaining sessions with the UC. Members, check your emails for the link to join.