Union Action Wins Progress in CX Bargaining!

Our Union Action is Working: UC Finally Proposes Raises and Steps!

CX Team Rejects Further Extension and Delays!

Our united actions across the state are working: After months of delay, UC finally came to the CX bargaining table this week with its initial economic offer. For the first time, UC offered across-the-board and step increases! This is progress, and a win for our Union, but the offer is still not adequate or complete. Now we must keep the pressure on UC to reach a fair agreement with the raises and rights we deserve.

Our CX Bargaining Team sent a clear message to UC: No more delays, and no more extensions! We declined to extend our contract any further and insisted that UC come back to the table this month and bargain in good faith to get the job done.

Teamsters began negotiating with the UC on a new CX Unit union contract in the beginning of November 2021. Our team made meaningful language proposals and in June passed our economic proposal for fair raises, including across-the-board and step wage increases. UC took months to respond with their initial economic offer. After 10 months and 39 formal bargaining sessions, it is time for UC to get serious and bargain productively for a fair contract.

This week’s session started with a positive partial initial wage proposal from the UC with promises of more progress on the following day of bargaining. The UC did not deliver and asked for yet another contract extension. When our Teamsters team signaled that we would not extend the contract again, the UC suddenly found additional time to bargain–only to default to their regular excuses and reject remaining economic proposals.

In good faith, our Teamsters Bargaining Team has previously agreed to several contract extensions since March of 2022. Now, in response to UC’s continued stalling tactics, our Bargaining Team voted UNANIMOUSLY: No more extensions, no more delays!

Members take action at UCSD, marching on Medical Center CEO Patty Maysent.

UC Davis team member Jenny Hodge spoke out at the bargaining table: “UC can pay people enough to live and increase staffing, but they don’t. We are frustrated, disappointed, and disheartened that after months of bargaining, UC does not have a complete economic proposal for us.”

UC San Francisco team member Jamal Coulter spoke out at the bargaining table: “We are being marginalized. Members are risking their lives and being told to find another job. That’s not right. What will UC’s legacy be? That they are helping workers or holding out for bosses. The UC has to know what it has wanted to give and now you are wasting our time.”

UC falls short on Teamsters proposals:

  • Rejected a formal process for internal equity review and wage increase for all workers.
  • Failed to respond to equal access to incentive and bonus awards that other employees receive.
  • Rejected our lump-sum ratification bonus proposal.
  • Rejected market adjustments and additional pay steps for Library Assistants, Dispatchers and the Administrative Assistants who have fallen behind market.
  • Refused to bargain for LBNL wages, pushing the process off to a later date.
  • Refused to increase per diem wages, which are approximately 40% behind that of similar workers at the UC.
  • Refused reimbursement for childcare costs.
  • Failed to provide a response on remote work/telecommute rights for all workers.
  • Refused to stop contracting out Bargaining Unit jobs when they should create more good paying, Union jobs.
  • Refused to pay 100% for Paid Family Care and Bonding after giving it to Faculty, Skilled Trades, and Nurses.
  • Proposed a reduction in pay for UCSF Fresno workers.

What Does Contract Expiration Mean?

Now that the contract has expired, the UC is required by law to maintain the same wages, hours, and terms and conditions of employment for Bargaining Unit employees that existed at the time the contract expired, while the parties are still in negotiation. The UC also must maintain any past practices and must bargain with the Union before making any changes to terms and conditions of employment.

Terms of the agreement that do expire include binding arbitration as the final step of the grievance procedure, the management rights’ clause, and the “no strike” clause. The UC is bound to continue to apply “just cause” and to give notice to our Union regarding discipline. Our Union will file unfair labor practice (ULP) charges against the UC for any unilateral changes.

All Bargaining Unit members must remain vigilant in policing changes to terms and conditions of employment so that our Union Representatives are able to file charges in a timely manner to ensure no waiver of our rights. Please be sure to reach out to your Union Representative with any concerns so the Union can act to protect our rights.

Our Bargaining Team has reached tentative agreements on Articles 3, 7, 13, and 28, achieving new language allowing for alternatives to layoff and improved preferential rehire rights, stronger abeyance language and a new hearing panel for arbitration cases, improved grievance processing procedures, and a commitment by UC not to replace career employees with per diem workers.

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