This Labor Day, we’re on the rise.

Sisters and Brothers,

This Labor Day, we have a lot to celebrate—as workers, as Teamsters, and as Americans united for an economy that’s fair for everyone.

Since Labor Day 2021, the National Labor Relations Board reports that union representation petitions have increased 58%. There were more petitions filed between October 1, 2021 and May 25, 2022 than in the whole of fiscal year 2021. More workers are trying to unionize–and they’re succeeding. Through the first half of 2022, unions have won 641 elections, the highest total in nearly 20 years. From Amazon to Starbucks to our brand-new Teamsters siblings at Chipotle, worker power is growing like we haven’t seen in generations. This is our time.

At the UC and CSU, this rising worker power and our unbeatable solidarity means Teamsters have seen big wins. We’ve ratified strong new contracts for Skilled Trades Teamsters at UCLA and UC Irvine, we’ve won a major wage agreement for Admin Officer 2s at the UC, and we signed a critical contract extension for CSU Teamsters. Our Union has grown, adding Library Professionals and Patient Navigators at the UC to our ranks. And every day, we’ve exerted our power in the workplace, fighting back against abusive bosses, contracting-out of our Union work, and UC and CSU mismanagement, through the power of our Teamsters contracts.

As we continue to fight for fair contracts for our CX, UC Davis Skilled Trades, and UC San Diego Skilled Trades bargaining units, and as the battle to restore salary steps at the CSU continues both on campuses and in the State Capitol with our sponsored bill SB 410, I could not be more proud to be a Teamster. Labor Day is a celebration of the labor movement, a celebration of our victories, and a celebration of all our victories to come. There is no fight too big for our Union and no employer too powerful when we stand together.

I wish every Teamster a very happy Labor Day, whether you’re at a cook-out, a rally, or simply at home with family and friends. Today is our day and we have earned it.

In Solidarity,

Jason Rabinowitz                        


Teamsters Local 2010