Show your support for Library Professionals!

We need to show up Teamsters strong for our new brothers and sisters, UC Library Professionals 3 and 4! Library Professionals joined our Union earlier this year and are in talks right now with the UC for their initial wage agreement. Sign the petition at the link to support LPs as they fight for fair wages!

Library Professional salaries are below market, below inflation, and too low for the overwhelming majority of LPs to afford housing near work.

  • UC pays Library Professionals at least 16% less on average compared to other public sector counterparts
  • Raises for Library Professional are sporadic and do not account for increases in cost of living
  • Most in the Library Professional titles receive roughly the same pay as Library Assistants
  • UC has misclassified Library Professionals as exempt from overtime

Teamsters, let’s take thirty seconds to send a letter in support of our fellow workers who keep UC libraries running!