Teamsters Open CSU Bargaining: We Need Salary Steps Now!

Teamsters Local 2010 officially commenced bargaining for our CSU Unit 6 successor contract last week and we made it clear to the CSU: Salary steps are our highest priority!

Our Union submitted our sunshine proposal to the CSU on Friday, October 28. The sunshine proposal is our overview of each contract article we plan to negotiate on during our upcoming bargaining sessions, and we put special emphasis on Article 24 – Salary. As included in our proposal, “Teamsters Local 2010 will propose fair compensation including a salary step structure with guaranteed progression for the essential work our members do to ensure health, safety, and continued operations at the CSU.”

CSU staff are currently the only state employees without a salary step structure, which has led to salary compaction and extremely low wages for many dedicated CSU Teamsters over the past thirty years. We have turned out strong all this year to fight back against this inequality, including rallying at campuses statewide, lobbying the Governor and Legislature on our CSU #GoodJobs Lobby Day, and fighting for more salary funding in Sacramento. At our joint rally with CSUEU on September 12, hundreds of Union members turned out to march through Sacramento, demanding the Governor and CSU listen to the needs of workers!

Although the CSU has held out against fair pay for workers so far, our Union has made it clear that if CSU can’t reach an agreement with workers at the bargaining table, they’ll see us on the strike lines. We can’t wait any longer for fair pay!

Overall, Teamsters intends to negotiate the following contract articles with CSU:

Article 1 – Recognition

Article 2 – Definitions

Article 4 – Contracting Out

Article 6 – Non-Discrimination

Article 7 – Union Rights

Article 8 – Concerted Activities

Article 9 – Grievance Procedure

Article 10 – Appointment

Article 11 – Probationary Period

Article 12 – Evaluation

Article 13 – Personnel File

Article 14 – Corrective Action

Article 15 – Employee Rights

Article 16 – Vacation

Article 18 – Leaves of Absence With Pay

Article 20 – Assignment-Reassignment

Article 22- Hours of Work

Article 23 – Overtime

Article 24 – Salary

Article 25 – Benefits

Article 28 – Health & Safety

Article 32 – Duration and Implementation

Article 33 – Reasonable Accommodation