CX lump sum payments, longevity bonus, retro pay on the way in December!

The retro pay, lump sum payments, and longevity bonuses we won in our powerful new Teamsters contract are on the way to CX Teamsters. Here’s the latest information on each of these payments:


$3,000 Lump Sum Payments

Lump sum ratification payments of $3,000 are scheduled for payout in an off-cycle paycheck prior to December 21. Less than full-time employees will receive a lump sum amount based on their average hours worked in the two biweekly pay periods prior to the date of contract ratification (October 20) if their average hours worked are greater than their appointment percentage.

$1,000 Longevity Bonuses

CX Teamsters with 20 or more years of service with the UC (including time worked in positions outside of the CX Unit) will receive a $1,000 longevity bonus. These bonuses are being processed on a location-by-location basis. Per the UC, all efforts are being made to pay out longevity bonuses prior to December 21.

Retro Pay

The 6% raise guaranteed in our new contract is retroactive to July 1 of this year. Retro pay for this raise is scheduled for payout in a regular pay cycle prior to December 21.

All retro raises, ratification and longevity lump sum payments will be considered retirement eligible and subject to dues deductions.

Questions about upcoming payments? Find your Union Rep’s contact information here.