Sign the petition! Stop UC from shortchanging Teamsters!

It’s been just a few months since our new CX contract was overwhelmingly ratified by UC Teamsters, and the UC is already trying to shortchange workers and deny us the pay we’ve won! Our CX Bargaining Team successfully negotiated an increase in shift differential rates for existing CX Teamsters, raising it to $1.25 per hour for medical center workers and $1 per hour for campus workers, and is currently bargaining that the same rate of $1.25 apply to newly accreted Patient Navigators.

The effective date for these increased rates was supposed to be October 21, 2022, the day our new contract came into effect. However, the UC is now taking the position that the effective dates should be November 27 for biweekly-pay workers and December 1 for monthly-pay workers. And UC locations with Patient Navigators will not agree to this much-needed specialty pay. This would deny our members more than a month of shift differential pay at our increased rate!

UC is shortchanging hard-working Teamsters, including many who continue to provide critical and essential care in COVID and flu season. We are owed a $0.53 cent increase retroactive to the effective date of our new contract for medical center workers and $0.28 cent increase for campus workers!

Let your voice be heard and send a message to UC to stop shortchanging CX Teamsters by signing the petition now!