CSU Teamsters Ready to Fight for Fair Contract!

From Chico to San Diego, CSU Skilled Trades Teamsters are getting ready to fight for salary step raises, contracting out protections, and all the rights and benefits we deserve. Check out a few of our latest events and actions and contact your Union Rep today to find out how you can get involved in our Union!

Teamsters Bargaining Team members Spencer Owen and Chris Rooney traveled to Sacramento on Feb. 21 to let the State know that up to 50,000 workers are ready to strike if CSU doesn’t fund salary steps. Salaries for Teamsters skilled trades workers at the CSU are on average 18% lower than similar California employers—the CSU must value our work!

Our next bargaining sessions with the CSU are on Feb. 23 and 24 in Long Beach. Stay tuned for updates: Together we’re Teamsters strong!

"The CSU is a world-class provider of public education. We need the funding to ensure that it can provide world-class careers and living wages for its employees, too."

Teamsters speak out at CSU Chancellor Search Forums

February 7 though 9, the CSU held open forums on the search for a new Chancellor, soliciting feedback from staff, faculty, and students on what kind of leadership the CSU needs. CSU Teamsters showed up to tell the committee exactly what we need in a Chancellor: someone who will give our work the respect it deserves and restore salary steps for support staff!

Listen to the comments from CSU Fresno Facilities Control Specialist and Teamsters Skilled Trades Director Drew Scott here, plus the comments from CSU Northridge Plumber Spencer Owen here. 

Worksite meetings across the state!

Teamsters have been gathering at campus after campus in the past weeks, discussing what we need to win back salary steps. Secretary-Treasurer Jason Rabinowitz and Skilled Trades Director Drew Scott have joined many recent meetings to answer questions and give important updates.

At Northridge, Long Beach, Dominguez Hills, San Jose, and campuses across the state, our Union agrees: if CSU won’t give us salary steps at the bargaining table, we’ll meet them on the picket line!

Two new Teamsters Journeymen at CSU Northridge

Congratulations to CSU Northridge Teamsters Ryan Lau and Jose Velasquez, who graduated from CSUN’s four-year apprenticeship program on February 10 as Journeymen! The apprenticeship program, jointly managed by CSUN and our Union, provided Ryan and Jose with the instruction and mentorship needed to learn their trades from the ground up.

“I started the program without knowing anything about the HVACR [heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration] trade,” said new Teamsters Journeyman Jose Velasquez. “I was able to learn a lot about electrical, plumbing, and refrigeration work on our campus. It was a great experience and I hope the program continues with other trades.”

Ryan and Jose ended up sharing a lot in common by the time they graduated this month—not only did they gain important work experience together, they both got married during the program (within three months of each other!) and both had their first children (within one WEEK of each other!). Ryan and Jose made sure that both baby Teamsters were in attendance to see their dads graduate.

“CSU Skilled Trades Teamsters have been working onsite through the pandemic keeping CSU running, yet the University has refused to provide step increases and fair pay. Teamsters members, along with our sister CSU Unions, are standing together and ready to do whatever it takes to win the strong contract we deserve!”