CSU Proposes Take-Aways, no GSI in First Wage Proposal

CSU followed up on their totally inadequate and insulting proposal for a steps structure with no step advancement at our last bargaining session—with a full wages proposal that contains no General Salary Increases (GSIs) over two years.

The CSU went even further by proposing to take away emergency pay, in-range progressions (IRPs), and extended performance increases (EPIs). All of these takeaways were proposed by CSU despite their “steps” proposal equaling only a 1% on average increase over two years from placement on the step structure and a reopener on wages and benefits for 2024/25.

As a 32-year CSU employee, it is disheartening to know that CSU is continuing to ignore our demands for livable wages. Many of us have dedicated decades of our lives to the University, and many of us risked our health and worked through the pandemic to ensure CSU campuses remained running. We want to work with CSU to reach a fair contract that puts an end to the wage crisis we are facing, but we have made it clear that we are not afraid to strike if necessary.

Just as we did when CSU presented their supposed “steps” structure, our Bargaining Team pushed back forcefully against CSU’s lowball proposal that would take away far more than it would provide. With sky-high inflation over the past year, and decades of pay inequity created by the lack of salary steps, a 1% raise on average and a reopener for further raises in 2024/25 is unacceptable, and our members won’t stand for the continued disrespect for our essential work from the CSU.

Unit 6 Teamsters sticker up at CSU Long Beach!

On Tuesday, March 21, Teamsters across the state are urged to take action and stand together by wearing a “CSU: Step Up or Strike Out” sticker as the Board of Trustees meet that day. Contact your Steward or Union Representative right away if you do not already have a sticker. Send in group or individual pictures of Teamsters wearing stickers to your Rep or to info@teamsters2010.org so we can show the CSU we are united and will do whatever it takes to get fair pay, including pay steps!

Our Bargaining Team is planning more actions to show the CSU we will stand together until we win fair pay and a genuine salary step system for our essential work. We are ready and willing to take the action necessary to win, and our sicker action on March 21 is just the beginning.

The hardworking Teamsters who keep CSU running are fed up with the University’s bad faith bargaining and insulting lowball offers. Our team and all CSU Teamsters will keep fighting until we win the fair contract we deserve!