AGREEMENT RATIFIED! Teamsters LP 3s and 4s vote YES!

Library Professional 3 and 4 Agreement Ratified!

Retroactive raises on the way!

We are pleased to announce that 100% of voting Library Professional 3 and 4 members approved the previously announced agreement with the University of California and it is now ratified! The UC has until July 10, 2023, to implement negotiated pay increases.  

With the support of members and after nine formal bargaining sessions over seven months, our Library Professional Bargaining Team reached a tentative agreement with the UC for accretion bargaining, including leave and incentive plan conversions, and initial pay step placement for all Library Professional 3s and 4s retroactive to July 1, 2022. This is in addition to the salary wage increase and additional step increases previously ratified in the CX contract, including an approximate 5% increase scheduled for July 1, 2023.