Teamsters Counter CSU’s Lowball Salary Proposal!

Last week, our Teamsters Unit 6 Bargaining Team responded to CSU’s insulting proposal for a roughly 1% raise over two years with our own comprehensive salary proposal. Our proposal would provide guaranteed step increases and general salary increases (GSI) to address both the years without salary progression and the recent spike in the cost of living.

This proposal builds on the salary steps proposal our team passed on day one of bargaining by adding GSIs that would prevent inflation from further weakening our pay and make it more competitive with comparable employers.

We proposed overdue increases to shift differentials, certification pay, and stipends for critical skills our members utilize to keep the campuses safe and operational. Our counter proposal also rejected CSU’s outrageous proposals to eliminate emergency pay and in-range progressions (IRP).

Instead, our proposal clarifies that campus Presidents would not be able to arbitrarily claim a campus is still open when it is clearly closed during an emergency in order to avoid paying emergency pay. Many CSU campuses shamefully did just that during the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our counter proposal also updated the IRP language to allow it to serve as a mechanism to provide additional step increases to address equity and other issues when we restore a salary step system.

"The time has come for CSU to finally start bargaining in good faith for a real step system, fair pay, and the strong contract we deserve."

Our salary counter proposal is just the beginning. The CSU continues to claim they cannot afford fair pay for our essential work. In the end, it will be all of us as Teamsters coming together and taking action that will move CSU off of its lowball offer.