IBT Pres. O’Brien Inspires Local 2010 Leaders at our 2023 Leadership Conference!

Last Friday, April 14, our Union held our 2023 Leadership Conference. The one-day conference was a HUGE success, bringing together more than 150 Teamsters members from CSU and UC campuses across the state to plan the future of our Union. From better organizing to the importance of our Teamsters identity, we laid out the path we’ll take to a Local 2010 that’s stronger then ever!

We were thrilled to be joined by IBT General President Sean O’Brien, who flew out from the East Coast to give the morning’s keynote address. “I want to thank you, every single one of you, for what you’re doing,” General President O’Brien told our members. “Watching the enthusiasm, the energy [of this conference]…this is what being a Teamster is all about. This is what we should be doing. We should be fighting every single day… And because you’ve got such a dynamic leader, and a great executive board, great representatives, there’s a vision of what Local 2010 should look like.”

"Our members were honored to host General President Sean O’Brien at our hall and were inspired by his message of building a strong Union that takes on greedy employers to win for workers. Pres. O’Brien’s keynote speech set a great tone for a hugely successful event – incredible turnout, electric enthusiasm, and a productive strategic planning session."