Flexing Our Power as Administrative Workers ✊

Administrative Professionals Day wasn’t created as a day only to receive flowers and cards from the managers whose work we make possible. The International Association of Administrative Professionals (founded in 1942 as the National Secretaries Association) declared the first National Secretaries Week in 1952 “to provide administrative professionals a collective voice.” Like all workers, administrative workers deserve a seat at the table and a say in our own working conditions.

As Teamsters members, we have that say and more. Our collective power won UC CX Teamsters a history-making contract last year, including 23% average raises over four years, guaranteed step raises, and brand-new benefits like Medical Center bilingual pay. CX Teamsters made it clear to UC leaders and anyone reading the news that we refuse to let our professions be taken for granted.

Our Union membership not only guarantees our power as workers, it unites us with a nationwide movement of workers fighting for dignity. More than 250,000 higher education workers bargained their contracts last year, per Higher Education Labor United, including tens of thousands of clerical staff, program staff, medical admin staff, and librarians like us. Our victories inspire them and their victories inspire us. By making ourselves heard, enforcing our Teamsters contracts, and really celebrating Admin Professionals Day like it’s meant to be celebrated, we build not only our own power, but the power of workers across the country.

From President
Catherine Cobb:

As President of Teamsters Local 2010, it’s a pleasure and an honor to celebrate administrative workers today. As a former administrative worker at UC Irvine, I know the importance and value of the work you provide to students and your campus community. We salute and celebrate all of the hard-working members whose skills and loyalty drive every office, in every department, on each campus. Your worksites would not be as efficient without your hard work and dedication.

And thanks to our Teamsters Union stewards and advocate leaders who provide support to all of us by protecting our rights as workers and as Union members. We value everything you do to keep members engaged and protected. Your efforts are appreciated and are invaluable to the success of our Local and the labor movement.

I extend my heartfelt gratitude to all of our administrative workers on this Administrative Professionals Day and every day. Thank you for all that you do

From Secretary-Treasurer Jason Rabinowitz:

Since last year’s observance of Administrative Professionals Day, Teamsters administrative workers have not only provided the support that the UC campuses and medical centers need to run smoothly and efficiently, but we also did what was necessary to show the UC our power as workers and secure the best Union contract the CX Unit has ever had.

We picketed on campus and in front of hospitals and clinics, signed letters and petitions, marched on our chancellor’s offices, spoke at UC Board of Regents meetings and more.

I have never been so proud of the work we do together as Teamsters. Today, I want to commend you for all you do for students, the University and to make our Union of workers powerful and effective. Thank you.