Skilled Trades Day Spotlight: How Teamsters make CSU Shine!

Today is National Skilled Trades Day, the day on which we recognize and celebrate the critical work that Skilled Trades Teamsters contribute to the CSU and UC year-round. The work of the Skilled Trades is often under-appreciated, despite being critical to the success of every workplace. The 2,400 Skilled Trades members of Teamsters Local 2010 work every day to keep lights on, pipes flowing, and HVAC systems humming at campuses, dorms, and medical centers across California.

For this year’s Skilled Trades Day, we’re highlighting the CSU Teamsters who make the CSU shine. CSU Teamsters are in negotiations right now for a REAL salary step system that will eliminate nearly 30 years of wage stagnation and create fair pay for all CSU support staff. Our work at the CSU is more than just necessary to keep campuses running—every day we go above and beyond to make our campuses safe and enjoyable for students, faculty, and our fellow staff!

How do Teamsters make CSU shine?

Dan Bouchard (FPS), Jens Klinger (painter) and Matt Poston (carpenter), skilled trades workers at Cal Poly Humboldt, installed new cabinets, counters, and appliances to make this campus kitchen brand-new!

At Sacramento State, Teamsters painters take safety seriously, painting new signage to protect pedestrians by slowing down bicycle, scooter and skateboard traffic coming into campus!

Left to right: Jeff Phelps, Shane Callahan, Rob Stockler, and Eric Marquecho.

At CSU Dominguez Hills, Teamsters plumbers got tired of constantly putting out fires without time to do regular preventive maintenance. One such fire: In 2006 the Student Union’s main kitchen drain backed up and with only two plumbers on staff, management called in Roto-Rooter. Roto-Rooter proved unable to clear the blockage, and so Teamsters plumbers worked overtime to clear the line, which is still in place today! When a third plumber joined the team in 2020, Lead Plumber Robert Stockler and his co-workers created a new drain maintenance program that has helped to prevent messy sewer backups ever since. With full staffing and effective maintenance programs, almost every “emergency” can be avoided. You don’t get this kind of commitment to quality work from outside contractors! 

Teamsters Lead Electrician Taylor Adams helps keep aging campus infrastructure at CSU San Bernardino running long past its expected lifespan. He frequently comes in on weekends, nights, and even holidays to restore power to CSU SB’s central heating and air plant (sometimes with his canine partner in tow!), keeping campus comfortable and usable for all.

At Sacramento State’s Central Plant, Teamsters Building Services Engineers (BSEs) and Facilities employees work hard around the clock to keep classrooms cool in the summer and warm in the winter! Pictured from left to right are Daniel Garrett, Jarrett Kelley, Jose Rodriguez, Eric Asamoah, Chris Raney, Matthew Obrien, and Nat Bailey. 

BSE and Facilities Teamsters are also hard at work maintaining Sacramento State’s dormitories! Teamster BSE Kevin Wagner says, “The work I am most proud of as a CSU Teamster is how we ensure that critical systems such as steam, refrigeration, comfort cooling, and heating stay running so that our beloved staff, faculty, and students have what they need to be successful in higher education.”