On May Day and Skilled Trades Day, Teamsters say: Step Up CSU!

If the CSU is looking for a fight, they’ve got one. From San Diego to Humboldt, Teamsters made it clear this week that we won’t take the CSU’s disrespect any longer!

On Monday, International Workers’ Day, Teamsters joined more than a dozen rallies at CSU campuses across the state, standing with our fellow CSU Unions to call for fair pay for every CSU worker and better learning conditions for every CSU student. Our work makes student learning possible, and student learning makes our work meaningful–CSU’s fiscal mismanagement threatens both workers and students, and we’re proud to stand united for a fairer CSU!

The action continued on Wednesday, when Skilled Trades Teamsters rallied again for National Skilled Trades Day. A little acknowledgement from the bosses isn’t enough. This Skilled Trades Day, we called for a real salary steps system that will put an end to the last thirty years of wage stagnation at the CSU. We’re ready to take this fight all the way to the picket lines. Like our shirts said: CSU, it’s time to STEP UP or STRIKE OUT!

"CSU workers are tired of the University’s disrespect and bad faith bargaining and we are gearing up to do whatever it takes to win the strong contract we deserve. Across the state, thousands of Teamsters and other Union members took action this week to show our strength—and this is just the beginning. Time for CSU to stop the games and get serious at the bargaining table!"