Tell UC to Stop Stalling on PN2 Negotiations!

Sadly, the Patient Navigator 2 (PN2) bargaining table has not made any further tentative agreements since we last updated you. We need member participation to get the UC moving. So, here are some updates:

Shift Differential

Although the UC has agreed to extend shift differential to PN2s, they only want to start paying shift differentials two months after we come to an agreement on all contract terms. The UC has expressed multiple times that they feel Patient Navigator 2s are not worthy of receiving a year’s worth of shift differential pay for hours that they actually worked. We have yet to come to agreement on this since we feel strongly that shift differential should be retroactive to the date of CX Unit contract ratification.

If you work an eligible shift and you want the same differential your coworkers in other titles received, please join our next bargaining session to let the UC know!

Incentive Bonuses

Remember the performance-based bonus we used to get? Teamsters Local 2010 argues that represented employees should get the same bonus amounts as non-represented workers. However, the UC discriminates between represented and non-represented by denying our proposal that Union-represented workers get the same performance bonus amounts that non-represented receive.

Pay Scale/Step Structure

UC Davis has come significantly closer to an agreement as the step structure no longer red circles anyone, but campus representatives are stalling over a mere 10 cent difference. UC San Francisco is still proposing 25 steps to get to the top of the pay scale, and UC Riverside is proposing lower starting pay than sister-location UC Irvine, driving Inland Empire workers to Orange County just to achieve higher paying jobs. We believe these locations can do better!

If you want retroactive shift differential, equitable bonus amounts and a fair step structure, please join us and speak at one of our next bargaining sessions on June 7 and June 22 at 10:00 AM and let UC know! Email your Union Representative for the Zoom link.