Tentative Agreement Reached! 26.8% overall raise plus equity increases and $3000 lump sum payment!

Our Teamsters Skilled Trades Bargaining Team: (left to right) Jason Rabinowitz, Secretary-Treasurer; Jose Fuentes, Union Representative; Brandon Heyman, UC Merced Locksmith 2; Brian Spielman, UC Merced Plumber 2; and Oz Smith, UC Merced Maintenance Mechanic 2.

After eight months of tough negotiations, our Union solidarity and Teamsters power have paid off for Skilled Trades workers at UC Merced: Our Teamsters Bargaining Team has achieved a Tentative Agreement on a groundbreaking contract for the KM Bargaining Unit! This Tentative Agreement locks in significant guaranteed raises and equity for all members.

The Tentative Agreement includes:

  • $3,000 lump sum payment upon ratification.
  • •Guaranteed 26.8% compounded wage increase over the life of the contract for all employees.
  • Equity increases for all employees.
  • Trade Lead classifications shall be paid at a rate 7.5% higher than the highest paid current employee in that department.
  • Improved shift differential and seniority language.
  • Stipend of $475 per year for safety shoes and safety glasses.

Our next step is to ratify the Tentative Agreement by a vote of the membership. A schedule of ratification meetings in which members can hear from our Bargaining Team, ask questions, and vote, will be coming soon. The full Tentative Agreement will also be posted on our website and will be reviewed in detail at the ratification meetings.

"With the collaboration of our Bargaining Team and membership, we came together to build a good contract for the next five years. The most important issue for me was to adjust our wages to more equitable rates for the location of our campus. We worked hard to gain equity increases for every trade working at UC Merced.”

“It was an honor to represent and bargain for my Teamsters brothers and sisters to get a fair contract.”

“Negotiations is not about winning or losing; it’s about finding mutual beneficial solutions through effective bargaining.”

"I am proud that our team fought hard and our members stood together to win this agreement that provides our members with significant raises and equity increases! With our actions and solidarity over this campaign, we've shown the University that we are Teamster strong."