DRIVE Makes our Union Strong!

This year, CX Teamsters’ annual raises are supercharged. Thanks to the strength of our Union, we have guaranteed across-the-board raises, guaranteed step raises, and longevity bonuses for our longest-serving members. But we’ve won even more thanks to the combined power of our membership and DRIVE.

DRIVE is the Democrat, Republican, Independent Voter Education Fund, administered by the International Brotherhood of Teamsters and funded entirely by member contributions. DRIVE funds are used to support Teamsters legislation, Teamsters-endorsed candidates, and Teamsters political power. DRIVE funds have helped secure huge national wins for Teamsters and provided crucial support for UC and CSU workers in the California statehouse, such as the passage of California’s first anti-workplace bullying bill in 2014 and the creation of penalties for union-busting public employers in 2022, both supported by Local 2010.

Over the last few years, Teamsters have used DRIVE to lobby for more UC funding for worker salaries, supported worker-friendly legislators, and passed big new laws in support of workers. Our work came to fruition this year, when Teamsters efforts helped guarantee the state funding necessary for our 4.6% across-the-board “Me Too” raises. These raises would not have been possible without Teamsters’ legislative lobbying efforts, funded by DRIVE.

Help our Union grow even stronger by signing up for DRIVE contributions today. For as little as $2 per week, you can help build worker power in California and across the country. DRIVE supports our Union AND our movement.

Click here to request information on DRIVE and how you can become a supporter of worker political power!