FMS Teamsters: Tell the UC the REAL cost of being an FMS!

Facility Management Specialists, the UC needs to hear your stories! As we continue to bargain for fair pay for all newly Teamsters-represented titles, the UC keeps insisting that there’s no need to negotiate pay and policy for all the extra duties, licensing costs, and overtime that FMSs regularly deal with.

Existing salaries cover those costs, says the UC. We’re pretty sure we already paid for all of that, says the UC. We say it’s time to set the record straight.

We need YOU to share your story of poor pay and job protections at our upcoming Zoom bargaining sessions on October 24 and 25! If you’ve been affected by any of the following:

  • No formal overtime exemption for FMS3
  • No formal policy to promote FMS1 to FMS2 after 18 months
  • No pay for the licensing and certifications required for FMS positions
  • No pay differential for leads

Your stories will help our member Bargaining Team win the pay and protections our jobs actually deserve–not just what the UC thinks we deserve.