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Let the UC know that Union negotiations must be taken seriously by supporting the Bargaining Team for workers recently added to our CX Bargaining Unit by the Public Employment Relations Board! Our team is hard at work negotiating for improved initial salary step placement, leave accrual conversions, shift differential pay, certification pay, and title and pay advancement for Level 1 training positions.

Workers recently accreted into the Teamsters include:

  • Ambulatory Care Administration Coordinators
  • Facilities Management Specialists
  • Health Professional Education Specialists
  • Patient Relations Professionals
  • Research Administrators

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β€œI am excited to be a part of a strong union that advocates for members’ rights and interests. All of the Teamsters’ hard work and tenacity is evident. Knowing we have the support of Teamsters from all industries to help us protect our rights has lifted a weight off our shoulders!"

New Teamsters: Don’t forget to sticker up!

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