UC Refuses Critical Accretion Bargaining Demands

After 10 formal bargaining sessions, our Teamsters Bargaining Team has reached agreement with the UC on 20 pay ranges out of 88 titles, but the UC is still refusing many of our most important demands.

The UC continues to say no to a lump sum ratification bonus and an additional step increase for Patient Relations Professionals who missed the step increase proxy by 16 days due to UCs delays during the accretion process. They’ve also proposed to freeze the pay of 57 workers with their low ball pay range proposals, which would especially impact workers at UCSF, UCLA, and UC Davis. 

"Patient Relations Professionals spent over two years trying to get represented by the Union, but the UC kept stalling the process, causing us to miss out on lump sum bonuses and annual step increases and making it hard for us to keep up with the cost of living. UC talks about unifying and connecting workers except when it comes to step increases for the PRPs. That’s just hypocrisy."

Our Bargaining Team is currently bargaining the wage range and step placement for 88 titles across the state and has reached tentative agreement on: Retroactive step placement to July 2023, PTO leave conversion, the salary admin plan for ANR workers, shift differential pay for Facilities Management Specialists and Health Professional Education Specialists, and the adherence of ACGME minimum staffing requirements for Health Professional Education Specialists.  

Meanwhile, we’ve received a chorus of NOs from the UC:

    • No to a ratification lump sum/signing bonus.
    • No to a one-step increase for Patient Relations Professionals.
    • No to promoting level 1 Facilities and Research employees who are performing more advanced work, following an agreed-upon time in their position.
    • No to environmental/hazardous duty pay.
    • No to weekend shift differential.

The UC Regents need to hear from us workers at their upcoming January meeting! Support our fight by volunteering to speak over Zoom at the Jan. 23-24 UC Regents meeting and tell them we deserve more than pennies from the UC, especially the PRPs who missed their July 2023 step increase!

Contact your Union representative to volunteer to speak and for other action opportunities.

In Solidarity,

Our Teamsters CX Accretion Bargaining Team

Melissa Munio, Chief Negotiator

Alex Vermie, Research Analyst/2nd Chair

Mike Erazo, Union Representative/2nd Chair

Michelle Belden, Research Administrator 2, UCD

Maria Nayeli Castillo, Ambulatory Care Administration Coordinator 2, UCI

Gregory Bryant, Facilities Management Specialist 1, UCLA

Rajeil Parshad, Health Professional Education Specialist 2, UCSF

Patricia Passalacqua, Ambulatory Care Administration Coordinator 2, UCSD

Robert Sandoval, Patient Relations Professional 2, UCSD