CSU Teamsters Vote Yes on Years of Service Agreement!

98% of voting Teamsters said YES to our updated years of service agreement with the CSU last month. The vote was held over Zoom on Monday, March 11. Of the 64 Teamsters who voted, 63 supported the new years of service agreement.

Under the new agreement, cumulative rather than consecutive years of service can be counted toward salary step placement when:

  • A worker’s previous classification was abolished by management.
  • A worker was laid off, no matter how long the separation, and re-hired into the same classification at the same campus.
  • A worker utilized retreat rights to maintain employment instead of being laid off.

This agreement resolves issues faced by many workers in attaining the correct target step in the salary system ratified in our new contract.

Read the new agreement here >>

Read the full contract with these changes >>

If you have any questions about the new agreement, reach out to your Union Representative.