CX Unit Teamsters Guaranteed 3% Raise, One Salary Step in July

‘Me Too’ Contract Language Could Increase Teamsters Raise Depending on State Budget Allocation

All Teamsters Local 2010 CX members will receive in July a 3% raise plus, for non-probationary, career staff, one salary step, as guaranteed by our collective bargaining agreement with the University of California. And we could receive another 1.2% on top of that thanks to the “me too” language contained in our strong Union contract!

In 2022, our Teamsters Bargaining Team negotiated the strongest-ever contract for the CX Bargaining Unit with the UC, which was overwhelmingly ratified by the members. Under the “me too” language negotiated, the guaranteed across-the-board (ATB) raise for July 1, 2024, is scheduled to be 3%, or the annual percentage amount provided to unrepresented employees, whichever is greater. The UC has announced that the annual percentage amount scheduled for unrepresented employees this year will be 4.2%, contingent on the 5% allocation currently requested by the UC in the state budget and subject to the approval by the Legislature and Gov. Newsom.

This means that CX employees (except LBNL) could get a 4.2% raise instead of 3%, in addition to the one salary step increase (an average of 2%) for non-probationary employees scheduled for July 1, 2024, for a total increase of 6.2% on average. Plus, our across-the-board increases are not based on merit or performance ratings, unlike non-Union workers, whose raises aren’t guaranteed. Wage increases will become effective June 25, 2024, for biweekly employees and July 1, 2024, for monthly employees.

These continued wins are the result of members standing together to win our strongest contract ever, through worksite and online actions like sending letters to UC leadership, speaking at Regents meetings, and rallying at campuses, medical centers and other UC locations statewide. When we fight, we win!