Wear your Teamsters sticker May 1!

Show UCI the power of our Union solidarity by stickering up tomorrow, May Day! The UCI Bargaining Team says they will be making their wages proposal on May 1: Be sure to get a Teamsters sticker from your Union Rep or Steward to wear at work and show UCI that we’re united for FAIR PAY!

UCI needs to recognize the actual cost of living in Orange County: From gas, to groceries, to rent and mortgage payments, the OC grows more expensive every year while our wages fail to keep up! It’s time for UCI to pay up and provide UCI Teamsters a living wage!

Wear your UCI PAY IS DICEY sticker this Wednesday, May Day, and show the UC that enough is enough!

Bargaining Update

Our bargaining team met with the employer on Friday, April 26 to begin negotiations on our next K9 collective bargaining agreement. Our team presented a series of comprehensive proposals to ensure fairness with other Southern California UCs centered around overtime/on-call, shift differentials, and subcontracting. Although the university acknowledged our reasons for making these proposals, they stated that they only have so much that can go toward making these proposals reality. 

Let’s tell the wealthy University of California that they need to prioritize the workers who keep the campus running for students, faculty and staff. 

Teamsters proposed changes to the following articles:

Article 1: Recognition
Article 7: Hours of Work
Article 8: Overtime
Article 21: Subcontracting
Article 27: Protective Clothing & Safety Equipment
Article 28: Parking
Article 34: Union Rights
Article 39: University Benefits
Article 40: Shift Differential

Articles tentatively agreed to without changes:

Article 3: Management Rights
Article 5: Probationary Period
Article 6: Limited Appointments
Article 9: Performance Evaluation
Article 10: Promotions & Transfers
Article 11: Out of Class Assignment
Article 12: Training & development
Article 13: Holidays
Article 14: Sick-Leave Factored Leave Accruals
Article 16: Work Incurred Injury or Illness
​​​​​​​Article 17: Military Leave
Article 18: Leaves of Absence
Article 19: Discipline & Dismissal
Article 20: Layoff and Reduction in Time
Article 22: Unit Work

Article 24 Arbitration Procedure
Article 25: Safety
Article 26: Safety Committee
Article 29: Mileage Reimbursement
Article 30: Medical Separation
Article 31: Rehabilitation
Article 32: Death Payments
Article 33: Labor-Management Relations
Article 35: Payroll Deductions
Article 36: Severability
Article 37: No Strike
Article 38: Waiver
Article 42: Personnel Files
Article 43: Reasonable Accommodation
Article 44: Resignation & Job Abandonment

“You can’t just wish for a better life, you must go out there and create it.”

–Mike Tay
Teamsters Local 2010 Bargaining Team member and UCI Maintenance Mechanic