Bargaining Update: Teamsters Fighting for Wage Fairness Across SoCal UC Campuses!

Our Teamsters K9 Unit Bargaining Team met on Skilled Trades Day, May 1, and continued to push for improvements in our workplace. UCI presented a few articles along with their wage proposal. Although there was some movement and agreement on four articles, our team was not surprised to hear UCI admit that our Skilled Trades wages are behind when compared to other campuses and the public sector in California.

Despite admitting that UCI pay lags other UCs by 4.3% on average and a variety of local external comparisons by 2% on average, the UCI team said that since they are within 10% of their market average, their proposal is not aimed at closing these competitive pay gaps. When it was our turn to make our proposal, we were greeted by an earthquake, which was an omen of what was to come.

Unlike the management proposal, our proposal addresses the gap between our wages and market wages for comparable work. We presented data showing that UCI pay lagged UCSD and UCLA pay by 6 to 12% on average across several trades. In addition, healthcare premiums have increased by 65.4%, and the median home price by 92% since 2014.

We will hold a membership meeting on Thursday, May 9 at UCI Campus to provide updates to members and discuss future actions. Please reach out to your Bargaining team member if you have questions.

Teamsters K9 Unit Membership Meeting

Thursday, May 9
11:30 to 12:00 Noon
BC Caverns

Teamsters proposed changes to:

  • Article 42: Wages
  • Article 45: Paid Family Care & Bonding

Articles tentatively agreed to:

  • Article 15: Vacation Factored-Leave Accruals
  • Article 27: Protective Clothing & Equipment
  • Article 28: Parking
  • Article 45: Paid Family Care & Bonding

In Solidarity,
Our Teamsters Local 2010 K9 Bargaining Team

Brian Maloney, Campus Chief Steward, Electrician
Eric Kuder, Campus Steward, Fire and Safety Asst. Supervisor
Martin Hernandez, Campus Steward, CoGen Lead Operator
Roque Ramos, Campus, Plumber
Mike Tay, Health Steward, Maintenance Mechanic
Daniel Lobato, Health, Locksmith (Alternate) 
Tanya Akel, Teamsters Local 2010, Chief Negotiator
John Viera, Teamsters Local 2010, Union Representative
Alex Vermie, Teamsters Local 2010, Researcher