Huge Win for 500+ UCLA Teamsters!

Teamsters Local 2010 has won a major settlement for more than 500 CX Unit workers at the UCLA Patient Communications Center (PCC), putting an end to absurd and punitive practices by PCC management!

In early 2022, PCC management began to discipline workers based on a metric that, until that year, had only been used for setting worker goals. Suddenly, hundreds of workers were faced with low evaluations and even disciplinary proceedings for failing to meet a management standard that had appeared out of nowhere!

Even worse, management argued that these disciplinary proceedings were grounds to revoke employees’ telework agreements. For a group of dedicated call center workers who had worked from home for two years–serving patients during the worst of the pandemic–this was ridiculous.

“United we stand. Victory is ours when we unite!”

"When there is unity there is always victory!"

Our Union quickly got to work. PCC workers and UCLA Union Rep Stephanie Aguilar moved immediately to challenge the new standards and proposed a delay on implementation to allow our Union time to bargain the effects of this new policy. PCC management refused and began to discipline workers, and so our Union filed a grievance on behalf of all 500+ workers.

We also began organizing against management, collecting more than 800 signatures demanding a fair workplace and presenting them to the UC Regents in 2023. Our 500+ person grievance went all the way to the state Public Employment Relations Board, who, in April, ruled in favor of Teamsters workers!

Under the settlement reached with UCLA, dozens of Teamsters will get their disciplinary warning letters, counseling memos, and suspensions rescinded, the wages and pension credits lost during suspensions will be back, and their performance evaluations re-written! Teamsters will no longer be disciplined for failing to meet unrealistic standards and can go back to doing what they do best: helping patients and serving the community!

"Winning is not giving up, not being afraid, but standing up for what is right."

“Over two years in the making, with the power of Teamsters, representative Stephanie Aguilar, our arbitration process and P.E.R.B. rulings, we defeated UCLA Health’s unfair performance standards that allowed Leadership to target union members, create toxic work environments, and even suspend staff without pay at no fault of their own. This win would not have been possible without our Local’s strong resources and Stephanie’s dedicated support. Thank you for fighting with us and always advocating for what’s right!”