FAQ: New Minimum Wage for California Healthcare Workers

Beginning this summer, a new state law will raise the minimum wage for all healthcare workers at large hospital facilities or systems in California. This law will not affect the majority of UC Teamsters, who are paid significantly above minimum wage thanks to our strong Teamsters contracts, but for those who are affected or who want more information on the law, SB 525, our Union has prepared the following FAQ:

What is the raise guaranteed by SB 525?

SB 525 will create a new $25 minimum wage over the next three years. The minimum wage for covered healthcare employees will rise to $23 in Summer 2024, $24 in 2025, and $25 in 2026. 

When does the raise come into effect?

Minimum wage increases will come into effect on June 1 of each year.

Which UC employees are covered?

UC employees at UC hospitals, clinics and other medical facilities are covered if their work supports patient care. Campus employees or other UC employees whose work does not support patient care are not covered. More than 99% of all UC Teamsters are already paid more than the $23/hr minimum wage that will come into effect next year.

If you earn less than $23 per hour and work less than full-time, or you have other questions about this new law, contact your Union Representative. Representatives are happy to assist on all payroll matters.