Teamsters Picket UCI Health to Demand Parity with SoCal UCs!

Our K9 Bargaining Team continued to stand strong in our demands for a contract that makes our pay competitive with other Southern California UC campuses during our most recent contract negotiations on May 15 and May 22. While some progress was made, UC Irvine continued to downplay the importance of improving differentials and on-call pay in our successor Teamsters K9 Unit Skilled Trades contract.

There has been some progress made with respect to Union Rights to better represent our new members from Tenet on the Health side, as well as movement on improving Shift Differentials. But overall, it is not enough to bring us up to par with our fellow Teamsters at other UCs in Southern California. 

UCI started the May 22 session with a discussion centered around what they deemed a “very rich package” as part of a last, best and final proposal. This was centered around a woefully inadequate wage proposal that refuses to address parity with other UCs.

To show UC the level of members’ commitment to making those improvements, we held our first worksite action with a march across the UCI Health facility in Orange on May 21. We will continue to hold concerted member actions on campus and at UCI Health facilities, starting with a rally at UCI campus on June 4 from 11:30 AM till 12:00 NOON.

NEXT MEMBER RALLY on JUNE 4 on campus from 11:30 AM – 12 NOON!


On May 15, Teamsters proposed changes to the following articles:

Article 34: Union Rights
Article 40: Shift Differentials

Articles tentatively agreed to:

Article 3: Management Rights
Article 4: Nondiscrimination in Employment
Article 5: Probationary Period
Article 6: Limited Appointments
Article 7: Hours of Work
Article 9: Performance Evaluation
Article 10: Promotions, Transfers
Article 11: Out of Class Assignment
Article 12: Training & Development
Article 13: Holidays
Article 14: Sick Leave Factored Leave Accruals
Article 15: Vacation Leave Factored Leave Accruals
Article 16: Work-Incurred Activity or Illness
Article 17: Military Leave
Article 18: Leaves of Absence
Article 19: Discipline & Dismissal
Article 20: Layoff and Reduction in Time
Article 22: Unit Work
Article 23: Grievance Procedure

Article 24: Arbitration Procedure
Article 25: Safety
Article 26: Safety Committee
Article 27: Protective Clothing & Safety Equipment 
Article 28: Parking
Article 29: Mileage Reimbursement
Article 30: Medical Separation
Article 31: Rehabilitation
Article 32: Death Payments
Article 33: Labor Management Relations
Article 34: Union Rights
Article 35: Payroll Deductions
Article 36: Severability
Article 37: No Strike
Article 38: Waiver
Article 39 University Benefits
Article 42: Personnel Files
Article 43: Reasonable Accommodation
Article 44: Resignation & Job Abandonment
Article 45: Pay for Family Care & Bonding
Article 46: New Employee Orientation Meetings