Tentative Agreement Reached for CX Accretion Teamsters!

Thanks to the strong support of our members, our Teamsters Bargaining Team has secured a Tentative Agreement with the University of California for Ambulatory Care, Facilities Management, Health Professions Education Specialists, Research Administrators, and Patient Relations Professionals across the state!

Our Bargaining Team held the line for workers and won improved salary ranges and step placements for every position. After twenty-three formal bargaining sessions and ten months of bargaining, we are pleased to recommend a YES vote on this agreement!

M Belden UCD RA2

"I am so grateful that my position as an RA2 was accreted into the Teamsters Union and I'm proud of the work our Bargaining Team did to help improve the working conditions of so many people, in all of the accreted titles. That was a very empowering experience!"


  • Initial pay step placement (closest to but not less than your current rate of pay) including retroactive lump sum payments to July 1, 2023 
  • On-call pay of $4/hour for Facilities Management Specialists 1-2
  • Shift differential pay of $1.25/hour (medical center) and $1.00/hour (campus) for Facilities Management Specialists 1-2 and Health Professions Education Specialists 2
  • The UC will continue to cover costs for post-hire license and certification requirements for Facilities Management Specialists
  • Bonus and incentive pay (CEMRP) at unrepresented levels for FY 22-23 for all titles, and FY 23-24 for Patient Relations Professionals at UCSF
  • Maintenance of current FLSA designation for overtime exempt employees
  • Conversion from contract to career or limited appointments for contract employees
  • Paid Time Off (PTO) conversion to sick and vacation leave
  • Adherence to minimum staffing requirements under the ACGME for Health Professions Education Specialists

Workers in these titles will also receive the 3% across-the-board raise (or 4.2% should the policy-covered unrepresented staff receive this amount), plus a 1-step increase for non-probationary employees as previously negotiated by the Teamsters (minimum of 5% up to 6.2%) effective July 1, 2024.

Electronic ballots to vote to ratify this agreement will be sent via email using Election Buddy on Tuesday, June 18. You must be a member to vote on this tentative agreement. Be sure to add invitations@mail.electionbuddy.com to your contact list to ensure proper delivery of your ballot. 

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Our Bargaining Team will host two online Town Hall meetings on Tuesday, June 18 at 12:00 PM and 6:00 PM, to review the tentative agreement. Register for a meeting now!

12:00 PM Town Hall
Tuesday, June 18
Online on Zoom

6:00 PM Town Hall
Tuesday, June 18
Online on Zoom

"Congratulations to our new Teamsters sisters and brothers on winning this Tentative Agreement and gaining all of the raises, benefits, and rights that come with being a Union member! We welcome you to our Teamsters family and invite you to become more active and involved. That's how we build the power to win strong contracts and rights at work!"

In Solidarity,
Our Teamsters CX Bargaining Team

Melissa Munio, Chief of Staff/Chief Negotiator
Mike Erazo, Union Representative/2nd Chair
Alex Vermie, Research Analyst/2nd Chair
Michelle Belden, UC Davis Research Administrator 2
Maria “Nayeli” Castillo, UC Irvine Ambulatory Care Administration Coordinator 2        
Patricia Passalacqua, UC San Diego Ambulatory Care Administration Coordinator 2
Robert Sandoval, UC San Diego Patient Relations Professional 2