Raises on the way for CX Teamsters!

Our annual across-the-board raise, guaranteed by our Teamsters contract, takes effect in July! This raise will be effective July 1 for monthly workers and July 7 for biweekly workers, and will appear on the July 31 paycheck for all workers.
All CX workers will receive a 4.2% across-the-board raise plus one salary step, for a total average raise of 6.4% this year thanks to our Union power! The “me too” language in our history-making 2022 Teamsters contract guarantees that our annual raise will be at least 3% or the annual percentage amount provided to unrepresented employees, whichever is greater. UCOP has announced a 4.2% raise for unrepresented workers this year, meaning Teamsters workers won’t get a penny less!

In addition to our 4.2% raise, all non-probationary, career workers who aren’t topped out of their salary range (with the potential exception of some recently-accreted job titles, listed below) will receive an average step raise of 2.2%, regardless of merit or performance evaluations! Non-probationary, career employees who are topped out of their salary range will receive a non-base-building lump sum equivalent to the difference between the top two steps of their salary range. Plus, employees who have reached 20 years of University service between July 1, 2023, and July 1, 2024, will receive a $1,000 lump sum longevity payment in the same July pay period as the raises.

For workers in the recently accreted titles of Ambulatory Care Administration Coordinators 2, 3, 4 & 4-GF; Facilities Management Specialists 1, 2 & 3; Health Professions Education Specialist 2; Research Admin Coordinator 1 & 2; and Patient Relations Professional 2, 3 & 4: If our recent Tentative Agreement is ratified by the members prior to July 1, employees in these titles will be placed on the negotiated step closest to but not less than their current rate of pay, then the 4.2% across-the-board raise will be added, plus all non-probationary employees will receive their one-step increase. Should the agreement not be ratified by July 1, the 4.2% across-the-board raise will be added, then a 2% wage adjustment will be given as a proxy to the step increase for non-probationary, career employees.

"We achieved these historic raises and the strongest contract in our history by standing together as Teamsters and building Local 2010 into a powerhouse for workers' rights. Let's keep standing united and building member power to protect our rights and build on what we have accomplished!"

Finally, the majority of CX employees will not face exorbitant healthcare premium hikes this year thanks to the power of our contract! Teamsters in pay bands 1 and 2 who are enrolled in Kaiser or Health Net Blue and Gold plans cannot have their premiums raised by more than $25/month, up to a maximum annual increase of $300/year. While unrepresented workers could face skyrocketing healthcare costs, our premiums are capped by our collective bargaining agreement!
Our strength and solidarity as Union members make wins like this possible. Become a member today and be a part of winning even stronger benefits and protections for UC Teamsters in the future!
Please feel free to contact your Union Representative with any questions or concerns.