CX Teamsters Overwhelmingly Ratify Strong New Agreement!

After 10 months of tough bargaining, member support, and solidarity from Teamsters across the state, newly-accreted CX Teamsters have ratified our first-ever Union wage and benefits agreement!

99% of voting Teamsters said YES to our agreement! This overwhelming majority is a testament to the strength of our new agreement, which improves salary ranges and step placements for every covered position.

“The power of our Union comes from the power of our members! Congratulations to all of our new Teamsters members for winning these Union raises, benefits, and protections. When we stand together as Teamsters, we win together!”

Jason Rabinowitz
Secretary-Treasurer, Teamsters Local 2010

This agreement would not have been possible without the help of every Teamster who signed a petition, spoke at a Regents meeting, or stood in solidarity with our elected Bargaining Team! When Teamsters fight, Teamsters win!

If you have questions about our raises or any of the benefits included in our new contract, contact your Union Rep today!

In Solidarity,
Our Teamsters CX Bargaining Team

Melissa Munio, Chief of Staff/Chief Negotiator
Mike Erazo, Union Representative/2nd Chair
Alex Vermie, Research Analyst/2nd Chair
Michelle Belden, UC Davis Research Administrator 2
Maria “Nayeli” Castillo, UC Irvine Ambulatory Care Administration Coordinator 2        
Patricia Passalacqua, UC San Diego Ambulatory Care Administration Coordinator 2
Robert Sandoval, UC San Diego Patient Relations Professional 2