The Attack on Workers

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Who is Behind the Attack on Workers?

Billionaires and corporate-funded groups like the so-called “Freedom Foundation” have once again rigged the system, hurting workers and attacking our freedom to stand together to improve our lives and our workplaces.

They aim to divide working people by taking our rights and forcing Union members to pay for the representation of those who refuse to kick-in their fair share.  Their purpose is to weaken us so that they can lower working people’s wages, and the rich can get richer.

But we have the power to fight back by signing our Member Power Form and standing together in our Union. Click here and become a member today!

What is the “Freedom Foundation”?

The Freedom Foundation is a radical anti-worker group funded by Corporate billionaires and Wall Street CEO’s. Their main goal is to take away our freedom to stand together as Teamsters so that they can lower working people’s pay, and the rich can get richer.

The Freedom Foundation couldn’t care less about working people. They oppose policies that are good for workers in order to distribute the wealth to the 1%. They oppose:

  • the minimum wage
  • paid sick leave
  • pensions and retirement security
  • healthcare for all public workers
  • wage increases for public employees

They do not represent our values and push an extreme agenda that divides us. They are against:

  • worker rights
  • public education
  • LGBTQ Rights
  • women’s rights
  • environmental protections

To achieve their goal, they have been trying to obtain the personal information of workers to harass and intimidate us in the workplace and our homes. Their actions show a blatant disregard for our privacy putting us and our families at risk. Union members have reported Freedom Foundation Staff:

  • showing up to worksites unannounced
  • coming to their doorsteps
  • claiming to be Union Representatives
  • using racist and derogatory language

Despite their deep pockets, the Freedom Foundation knows that when we stand together as Teamsters, we have the power to protect our rights and win better wages and benefits for all workers.